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Alchemy Hour is a full-service purchasing and fulfillment company specializing in expanding and managing the sales channel.

Whether you have monthly volume in the hundreds or thousands, we work with you to create the content and presence your brand deserves.

The Consumer is Changing

The new product seach begins and ends with the internet
Over 65% of online shoppers are fully loyal to Amazon
Over 8 in 10 families buy from Amazon each month
Of all online purchases in the US, 1 in 3 is on Amazon


Amazon doesn’t have to be Hard

With unauthorized third party sellers and rogue pricing, an uncontrolled Amazon strategy can be the difference between loyal customers and ruin.

Customers who see ineffective content and poor picture quality often distrust the product they see.

Even if it comes from outside sources, consumers associate a poor experience with your products.

Thrive in the Marketplace

We work with a team of dedicated staff members in Detroit, MI to customize the look, feel, and promotion of your brand and products on Amazon so everything works just right.

Content Design and Development

With Alchemy Hour, your product page will be ready to sell and quickly convert visitors to customers. User experience design and clean, branded aesthetics create valuable consumer relationships. Integrated A+ content, advertising and promotions keeps your brand in sync with the changing market.

Search Engine Optimization

If your products are not providing page one results you can be sure customers are finding your competitors instead. Alchemy Hour delivers on-going results in even the most competitive categories using specialized keyword research. Start dominating the marketplace today.

Customer Analytics and Care

Powerful analytics monitor and reveal customer behaviors in your Amazon selling campaigns. Consistent review monitoring ensures that your customers stay loyal and happy. Alchemy Hour carefully navigates the marketplace and constantly remodels your image for optimal customer conversions and reviews.


Interested in learning more about how Alchemy Hour can help manage your brand and products on   Please contact us to get started.

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